Q&A – What attracts you to this role? What makes you different?

I’m attracted to this role because I believe the best way to make a difference is to be involved. In the forms of government I’ve been under I’ve always tried to be involved as much as I need to. What makes me different is that I don’t have any ideology that forces me make a decision one way or another. Instead the matters of fact in any given situation should be used to make the best decision for that situation. I also want to be a councilor to bring about significant change to City code to ensure we build a community we are all proud to live in.

Our city code should ensure great development not just “good enough” development. For instance, driveways should be big enough to not force people to block sidewalks, multi-family developments should have enough parking to ensure the development can properly park realistic numbers of vehicles for the residents and their guests without spilling onto neighboring roads, commercial development should be able to keep their traffic from creating traffic issues like slowdowns or jams because of being too close to major intersections. Let’s make Lehi better!

Please like and share this post in groups you may be part of, I intend to run a bootstrapped campaign and appreciate all the help I can get to get my positions in front of Lehi Citizens!