Peck Park – How Unfortunate

After listening to the planning commission meeting of July 11th it’s still clear there is a lot of frustration around this issue. I’ve personally stayed a bit out of it as I took in the information and came up to speed.

The residents have paid for this land and the residents deserve to be able to get value out of it. As much as the work done to get the land into the public hands is appreciated it’s disappointing that we spent the public’s money with no further money available for the public to get any value out of this land.

Cole Peck has made some interesting offers to help move things forward to address his families’ issues. The other residents are sharing concerns that will help make the proposed development better. It feels like the city, residents, Utah Arsenal FC and the Pecks can make the proposed development work.

It is disappointing that we don’t have a master plan that communicated what was originally wanted and was ready for development when funds could be found. Cole Peck mentioned getting donations for the fields and other improvements but without a clear master plan no one can really help fund raise or otherwise work towards building anything.

There has been a lack of leadership in not ensuring that the intended use of this land was documented in a lasting way. We have had 15 years to create a plan with input from the Pecks and the residents instead it feels like we are winging it at this point. It is encouraging that all the parties are coming together and I hope a reasonable amount of time is taken to let the involved parties make the plans even better.

The Mayor’s goal to plan the parks in a way that we can get use out of them sooner than later is great. I do wonder where the leadership has been up until now considering we’ve had the land to develop for 15 years.

As a city councilor I would support and help plan the development of Peck Park in a way that brings these parties together to create something truly positive for the city.

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