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Why am I Running

I’m running as I believe a different approach to handling the city’s issues is needed. The city has an important role in ensuring every landowner and tenant is free to plan for the future use of their land based on current zoning, rules and regulations.  Preference should be to leave the rules the way they are but if the zoning, rules or regulations need to change in a way that forces existing landowners and tenants to change their plans the city must show how those changes are creating value to entire neighborhoods, the city or even the state.

One of the most important issues for Lehi is ensuring that as a governing body it stays out of landowner’s and tenant’s lives as much as possible. The city should play the role as arbiter between the landowners and tenants of Lehi. The city shouldn’t be there to pick a winner or loser but instead is there to ensure the city wins. The city wins when the resolution of conflicts around land use lead to the creation of value for an entire neighborhood, the city or the state and thus make Lehi a more attractive place to live and work.


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How Can You Help

Think my take on the issues and style of decision making could help Lehi? Then support my campaign and let's make Lehi Government fair for all! Reach out for volunteer opportunities or donate now.