I began this COVID-19 saga skeptical thinking as usual we tend to make something out of nothing. Media's market based incentive is to create content that people want to see and read and as such the content tends to be sensational at times.
It became clear this virus was novel and would likely lead to massive amounts of infection that would in turn lead to large amount of hospitalizations. This would then overwhelm our hospitals leading to needless death for many even though we may have been able to keep these people alive given the technology we possess.
I waited but was hoping schools would close, they did. I was hoping my job would force me to work from home, they did and I've done my part keeping my family home, limiting risky behaviors that may lead to hospitalizations and making the best of a tricky situation.
It's been saddening to see many of our community flaunting the common sense approaches taken to avoid needless death. It's sad to see governments afraid to act courageously to fight the spread, fearing the temporary loss of freedom will upset people too much.
These leaders putting profits and the economy over people's lives are showing their true colors when it comes to how they value life.
I implore you as a citizen to do your part and stay home. Let's make it as safe as possible for those that need to work outside their home to support the economy and those of us working from home. It's the least we can do to save an unknown number of lives while we work to really understand the scope of this new virus.